NCF Group is a comprehensive FinTech services group co-founded by UCF Group and a number of professional investment institutions. By tapping its 10-odd years of experience in providing investment and financing services for SMEs as well as its accumulated client resources, and backed by the two support systems of payment and data engines, the NCF Group has built three business systems, namely, asset management, transaction platform, and wealth management, committing itself to forging a comprehensive, efficient, open, smart, and sharing FinTech ecological system, offering users integrated financial services connecting “finance, technology, and lifestyle.”
The NCF Group is based in Beijing and serves the entire country. As part of its globalization initiatives, the group has investment projects underway in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and South East Asia. Institutional investors of NCF Group include renowned institutions and public companies such as CCB International, San Shan Capital Partners, CITIC Capital, China Equity Group, Xinhua Publishing, Hui Yuan Group, AISIDI, and Chow Tai Fook as well as many successful entrepreneurs.
In March 2016, it was elected standing council member of the National Internet Finance Association of China. Meanwhile, the group also holds the following appointments: council member of the Shanghai Finance Institute founded by China Finance 40 Forum (CF40), and member of the G20/B20 taskforce. As one of the pioneers in the FinTech industry, the group has made continuous contributions to the sound development of the industry. It is highly recognized by the industry and the capital market, and serves nearly 10,000 SMEs.
Vision: Connecting People and Finance with Technology
Positioning:Provide one-stop integrated FinTech services
Strategy:Create a new technology-based ecology for financial services
Operating Philosophy:Build successful collaboration through trust, honesty and embracing differences
Product concepts:Ensuring simplicity, accessibility and multi-functionality
Value System:To place utmost emphasis on a cohesive team that is highly focused on achieving its objectives
Corporate Culture:To achieve excellence by bold actions, speedy response to the dynamic business environment
Have dual genes in finance and the Internet; rely on science and technology innovation to create an open ecology so as to meet enterprises’ and individual customers’ different levels of requirements of FinTech.
Technology:Make strategic layout in blockchain, robo-advisor, big data and other frontier fields of Fintech.
Open:Open platforms; output integrated solutions of technology and business; achieve win-win situation with customers and partners.
Security:A 24/7 data platform of financial transactions with bank-level safety standards.
Licenses:Build a financial services platform that boasts of several financial licenses. Licenses include but not limited to: banking, securities, insurance, fund sales, micro loans, cash conversion from assets, loan guarantee, assets management, financial leasing, currency exchange, third-party payment, credit scoring and virtual network operator.
Experience:Using its collective experience of more than 10 years in the finance industry, we have achieved exponential growth by staying ahead of the business trend.
Global Reach:Increase global coverage, provide internationalized services to users and partners.
United Money Exchange Co.,Ltd. was listed on the NEEQ,STOCK CODE 872088
Net Credit Wealth was upgraded to being an open FinTech platform
NCFG attended the sub-forum of funds accommodation in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
Blockchain laboratory upgraded into PrimeFintech Company and provided commercial services
N-Securities Permitted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange for Hong Kong Stocks Through Trading Among the First Batch
NCFG attended G20/B20 in Hangzhou
NCFG was elected Member of the Standing Council of National Internet Finance Association of China
N-Securities, together with NCF Group, tried the brand new Internet securities
NCFG signed big data cooperation agreement with Imperial College London
UCF Pay is granted the license for cross-border Payment
N-Media Group was founded
July received “B” Round financing
United Money obtained license of cross-border currency and wholesale services
N-Telecom commenced preparation to become a distributor for telecommunication services
Net Credit Finance Group was renamed as NCFG. Finance 3.0 strategy was announced
First P2P received “A” Round financing
May hosted global crowdfunding summit in 2014
December was launched
Credit Scoring entity was established
Net Credit Finance Group was established
“FirstP2P” was launched
UCF Pay obtained “Third-party Payment Business Permit”
February was launched
2012, was launched , which is also the first operation of NCFG
NCFG, together with its affiliated platforms, has been one of the pioneers, explorer and leaders of internet finance and made constant contributions to the healthy development of the industry. It has been reported widely by media. These include : China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency,People’s Daily, Forbes, Business Weekly and other established medium.
Accreditations and Memberships:
Standing Council Member of National Internet Finance Association of China
Founding member and standing deputy secretary general member of Beijing P2P Industry Association
Founding Member of Internet Finance Work Committee of Internet Society of China
Member of China Electronic Finance Industry Alliance
Member of Securities Association of China
Member of B20 China Business Council
Member of APEC China Business Council
Supervisor of Payment & Clearing Association of China
Council member of Shanghai Finance Institute founded by China Finance 40 Forum (CF40)
Partial list of public acclaims:
In 2017
NCF Group won Award for Outstanding Contribution to China’s Financial Enlightenment by Chinese Museum of Finance (Group)
NCF Group won China Business Journal Top 10 FinTech Influential Brands by China Business Journal
UCF Pay won International Business Excellent Customer by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China”
UCF Pay won Annual Innovative Payment Service Institution Award by
UCF Pay won Vice-Chairman Unit of Association of Dalian Fintech Industry by Association of Dalian Fintech Industry
PrimeFintech won FinTech Innovative Start-up Award by 21st Century Business Herald
In 2016
UCF Pay won Best Payment Platform of Internet Finance by
UCF Pay won Advanced Organization in Zhongshan District of Dalian City by People's Government of Zhongshan District, Dalian won Top 10 Fintech Companies of the Year by won Annual Pioneer Enterprise of China Internet Finance by Zhongguancun Internet Finance Institute won Annual Financial Institution with Outstanding Competitiveness in Internet Finance by China Business Journal won Top 10 Beijing Financial Brands in Excellent User Experience, Beijing Brand Association by Beijing Business Today won Annual Platform of Internet Finance Innovation by 21st Century Business Herald won Annual Platform of Non-profit Internet Finance by China Times won Top 50 Internet Finance Enterprise of the Year by National Business Daily won Information Resilience - Excellence Awards by British Standards Institution (BSI) won Annual Provider of Innovative Real-Estate Financial Services by won Annual Most Trusted Internet Finance Platform in Beijing Area by won Innovative Platform of Excellence of Golden Orange Prize by The Economic Observer won Annual Outstanding Agency of Consumer Finance by WEMONEY won Annual Innovation in New Financial Business Model by WEMONEY
In 2015
NCFG was elected among Top Ten Innovative Internet Finance Institutions by Internet Financial Museum
UCF Pay was granted Top Ten Innovative Payment Award by The Banker & Academy of Social Sciences was granted Annual Best Internet Finance Innovation Award, Top Ten P2P Innovation Award by The Banker & Academy of Social Sciences was granted “Golden Spider” Outstanding Enterprise Award for Internet Finance Corporate Social Responsibility by Xinhuanet was granted Annual Best Supply Chain Finance Award by China Financial Herald was granted Annual Best Growing Money Management Agency by China Business News was elected onto China High-end Financial List and was granted The Best Third-party Financial Institution Award by National Business Daily was granted Annual “Gold Interconnection” Excellent Application Platform Award by Shanghai Securities News was granted Annual Growing Internet Finance Enterprise with Excellent Competitiveness Award by China Business was granted Annual Growing Internet Finance Institutions Award by China Times was elected onto China Internet Finance Innovation List and was granted Rising Star of Innovation Award by Internet Financial Museum was granted Annual Best Internet Finance Platform Award by Xinhuanet & Chinese Academy of Sciences was granted Outstanding Brand Award of Chinese List of Inclusive Financial System by Daily Economic News was granted Golden WOM Internet Finance Innovation Award by Beijing Times
In 2014
NCFG was granted Annual Best Collaborative Internet Finance Service Platform Award by China Business News
NCFG was selected among Top 16 Internet Finance Enterprises of China by Sohu was granted Annual Most Innovative Internet Finance Enterprise by Academy of Social Sciences & Xinhua News Agency was granted Annual Best Collaborative Internet Finance Service Platform by China Financial Herald was selected as Annual Excellent Internet Finance Platform by The Economic Observer was granted Annual Internet Credit Platform with Most Concern Award by and were granted Enterprise Receiving Most Focus from China Internet Financing and Investment Institutions Award by Zero2IPO Group was granted Annual Platform with Comprehensive Strength Award by Palm & National Business Daily was granted Annual Best P2P Award by Yema Financial was granted Annual Best Microfinance Services Platform by was granted Annual Best Internet Finance (Crowdfunding) Agency by China Business News was granted Annual Top Ten Geek Financial Products Award by New Finance Union