All information about borrowers

is real and valid

Third-party guarantee

bodies are trustworthy

Operations are standard without

capital pooling

Third-party payment accounts

are safely managed

Rewarding crowdfunding

New trends of

consumption-driven investment

Public equity investment risk

platform with low threshold

Crowdfunding for public welfare

The most transparent public

welfare investment platform




Mobile payment

to be done anywhere

at any time

One-stop payment schemes are customized

on demand to solve wealth management

and financing problems

Independent risk management

system that needs multiple

identity authentications

Graded charge

Flexible communications

without package limits

Quick network access

Scan the QR code to open an account

through the WeChat platform

Prime experience

Enjoy double 4G telecom network

and share information freely

Diverse platform

Be more distinctive by blending

services in finance, sport and other fields

Internet finance services

Sift quality funds and

projects and ensure safety

Mobile payment

to be done anywhere

at any time

The filman group

New mode of combining finance

and entertainment industries

IP copyright operation


at quality IP

Branches across China

A currency conversion

licensing body that owns

most branches in China

Two-way conversion

A currency conversion


26 foreign currencies and CNY

Shopping rebates

Rebates for

overseas shopping

in 22 European countries

Cross-border cash transfer

The only private enterprise that obtains “Qualifications

for Transferring and Transporting Foreign Cash cross

the Border and Wholesaling of Foreign Currencies”