The trading platform is a comprehensive financial asset transaction platform built by NCF Group on the basis of the original one-to-one matchmaking transanction platform, as well as its customers accumulated and years of experience in serving SMEs and individual customers. It involves technical upgrade, license upgrade and service upgrade and is committed to providing comprehensive financial asset transaction services for different customers in an all-round manner.

NCF Group embraces a wide range of financial licenses and rich financial products, capable of providing customers with asset management services in an all-round way.

NCF Group boasts a number of professional wealth management institutions, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive and customized wealth management services for high net worth clients.

Payment engine provides power for the efficient flow of capitals throughout the system. In addition to providing access to domestic prime banks, 24/7 trading support and other basic capabilities, UCF Pay has also introduced a number of FinTech solutions, including capitals deposit and direct banks targetting commercial banks, cross-border payment that supports multi-currency, multi-regional settlement of businesses, NCF Wallet that connects NCF Group’s FinTech, as well as solutions such as industrial chain finance and P2P lending cloud platform, etc.

Through advanced data analysis and efficient data processing, Data engine provides guarantee for more smooth and efficient flow of capitals and information in the ecosystem. PrimeFintech provides technical solutions for real-time high-frequency transaction settlement of blockchain; its main products include blockchain underlying protocol Prime Link and underlying protocol-based PrimeLedger blockchain open settlement platform.

Lifestyle Services 

As the final link in our FinTech ecology, our users’needs in lifestyle services under the same platform for internet finance. 

United Money

A leading company with currency exchange franchise nationwide, which is based on Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou while covering other central cities. It has more than 100 business branches(57 of them have already been qualified) and provides currency exchange for individuals, consignment and reconversion of electronic travel checks, tax refund services for overseas shopping, and cross-border transfer of foreign currency and cash wholesale services. It is the largest foreign exchange chain in China and is the first in the industry to obtain the ISO9001: 2008 certificate.