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Personal Assistant to CEO

Responsibility :

  1、 Assisting CEO for internal communication;

  2、 Reporting work (top down);

  3、 Reporting analysis (bottom up);

  4、 Daily administration assistance to each dept;

  5、 Typing letters, keeping records, answering telephone calls, arranging meetings, travel arrangement, etc;

  6、 Secretary work for information pass on;

  7、 Keep in complete secrecy all confidential information received in the course of her duty from the Management of the company or other sources;

  8、 Under any circumstances, to give a quality image of her belonging to the GROUP Enthusiasm, Professionalism, Straightforwardness.

  9、 Any others additional task and duties as required by the CEO

  Requirement :

  1、 Education: Bachelor Degree or above, experience of studying or working abroad is preferred

  2、 Experience: PA working experience

  3、 Language skills: Fluent in spoken and written English

  4、 Computer skills: Skilful in office software, good PPT and business presentation skill.

  5、 Core competencies: Good communication skills at inter-persons with high EQ

  6、 High integrity, tam player, quick reaction and quick learner

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