Crowd-funding for New Clothes of Left-behind Children
“Huihan·Orchid” Warm Winter Action is initiated by Huihan Graduate Teaching Assistance Group of Suzhou University. By selling high-quality Qinling walnuts, they help local farmers expand sales channels, not only easing the pressure of walnut sales, but also raising money for left-behind students in Lantian County to buy warm down jackets.
Give Father a Traditional Oil Pressing Workshop
Graduated from college of fine arts and working in Hangzhou as a packaging designer, Yu Jiafu cannot bear to see his hometown, Tai’an Village, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, getting poorer and poorer, and determines to go back there. It occurs to him that promoting high-quality camellia oil made with village’s traditional oil pressing method will not only bring benefit to villagers, but also allo...
Build a Road to School for Children in the Heqing County, Yunnan Province
Zhang Peijie, Zhang Xirui and Zhang Xue are all from Xiabeipo, Daoliuqing Village, Heqing County, Yunnan Province, a mountainous area. They have been enrolled in college, but they always harbor the same dream, that is to construct their hometown. The first thing to do is to build a smooth road, so that children won’t have difficulty walking to school. Therefore, they make a series of detailed feas...
Township Head Ready to Take the Risk – Selling Navel Oranges for Villagers
Dinglong Town is located in the middle of Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Gannan navel oranges here are delicious and juicy, but due to poor information sharing, transportation, villagers’ absence of sales knowledge, villagers have no other choice but to wait for business people coming to purchase. Therefore, the price is rather low and time cannot be guaranteed. Yao Jialiang, head...
Safety – School Bus Dream of Qiumu Town
“Qiumu’s Dream” is a volunteer teacher in Qiumu Town, Tibet. This town is located in the mountains with inconvenient transportation, and students’ way back home is bumpy. The motorcycle not only acts as children’s school bus, but also the transport vehicle and ambulance, which is very inconvenient, as well as unsafe. This teacher calls on the public to raise money to buy a school bus on zhongchou....
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